Ounce of Prevention Fund

Founded in 1982 as a public-private partnership, the Ounce of Prevention Fund is an early childhood education nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring all children living in America—particularly those born into poverty—have the best chance for success in school and in life.

From 2011 to the current date, I've worked at the Ounce as their creative, digital, and web marketing communications manager. In overseeing creative initiatives for branding and user experience, as well as developing original content and design, I’ve worked with colleagues in research, policy, programs, and development on a variety of projects.

I helped refresh the organization brand, developed their first style guide, and created the organization’s identity piece. I was also a leading team member for the complete relaunch of their website in 2013 (from desktop-only to responsive) as well as for their first-ever intranet site. Twice I also belonged to a committee tasked with multi-year strategic planning.

Download the Ounce identity piece.

COMING SOON: Download a volume of the Ounce Policy Conversations, created for policy experts in the field of early education.

See my Facebook & Twitter posts for the Ounce regarding the Illinois budget stalemate.

COMING SOON: Download the 2017 Ounce annual report.

For more details of my work at the Ounce, please download my resume or visit my profile on LinkedIn.

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Ounce of Prevention Fund identity booklet