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ironically, the best place to keep up with what i’m up to these days isn’t my own site—it’s at  i’m editor-in-chief there, publishing weird shit with my amazing friends tim kinsella & sammi skolmoski.  and particularly proud of a couple books i edited myself: i’m fine, but you appear to be sinking and erratic […]

the great giardiniera taste test of ’13

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inspired by a serious eats blog post, my immediate & extended family embarked on our own epic, hot-pepper contest over the holidays this year.  belgians & italians alike eagerly participated in the effort to, once & for all, finally determine who makes the best giardiniera in town. those of you not from the chicago area—especially […]

“the stapler”

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banango street has published my short story, “the stapler,” as part of their 4th issue.  this story was the same one i read for propaganda at AWP 2012 in chicago.

“LOS” in chicago reader

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the chicago reader has published my short story, “LOS,” as part of their 13th annual pure fiction issue.  the contest was that week’s cover story and was judged by featherproof editor zach dodson (who had some very kind words in his introduction).  which is all kinda bad ass.  as was the work from the other writers in […]

“novocaine” nominated

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juked has nominated my short story, “novocaine,” for a pushcart prize this year—which is pretty rad.  i’m incredibly honored to be nominated along with my fellow juked fictioneers lois taylor and patrick vincent welsh as well as poets james valvis, matthew kilbane, and jeffrey bean.  

“novocaine” in juked

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juked has just published my short story, “novocaine.”  this is my first publication—so that’s pretty cool.

pj addendum

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while poking around the interwebs the other day for interesting pearl jam stuff to link to (from my bark post), i found xrt’s slideshow of 50 things i supposedly didn’t know about the band.  but i knew most of them already.  so it occurred to me: why not make my own damn list? here are […]

good, great, google+

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why doesn’t google do what it does best on its new social network, google+?  by which i mean: search.  a good search tool seems to be nonexistent in the realm of social media.  like, do you remember that one time that person posted that thing on your facebook wall about the monkey peeing on itself? […]


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you might think this is all new, but it’s not.  not really.  not yet, anyway.  in fact, this site is mostly old stuff right now.  but, if i may paraphrase the words of a struggling tv network, it might still be new to you. all the blog posts dated before this one have been carried […]

stuffed face, with pizza

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the pizza tournament has been talked about for years (mostly by this guy), but often drooled over (mostly by me). the notion was to eat a sh*t-ton of pie in one day to uncover chi’s best pizza (because we obviously don’t have an answer to that yet). in december, that dream became reality. mostly. the […]