National PTA

Responsible for well more than just bake sales, the National Parent Teacher Association is actually the oldest and largest child advocacy organization in the country. With over 5 million members in 2008, PTA worked at the local, state, and federal levels to empower families to speak up for all children.

From 2007–2009 I worked at the PTA national headquarters as their senior writer & editor, writing speeches for the executives, creating board reports on behalf of the CEO, and editing various publications.

I established a presence for the leadership on social networks; wrote and edited their annual reports (also art directing the 2007 report, and generating the concept for the 2008 report); and was appointed the communications department lead for legislative affairs and the PTA national convention.

Download the National PTA 2007 annual report.

Download the National PTA 2009 national representative speech, written for the leadership to deliver at PTA state conventions.

Read my posts for the PTA blog: A Call to Service, From the Reflection Pool, Connecting to Wired Parents…, and The Educator-in-Chief.

For more details of my work at National PTA, please download my resume or visit my profile on LinkedIn.

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